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Basement Waterproofing For Flooding, Leaky or Wet Basements in West Michigan

Basement Waterproofing in West Michigan
Don't get soaked by mother nature or high priced contractors. Take care you water problems before it becomes a disaster. Protect your basement from flooding and costly damages by treating your water problems inside your wet basement.

A wet basement is a common problem in all types of homes from poured concrete to stone. A&R Concrete Cutting of West Michigan can dry up those leaky basements in no time with minimal disturbance to your home and yard.

Wet Basement Water ProofingA wet basement can be a result of many issues including; excessive rain, flood prone areas, busted water heater, overflowing bathtubs, and melting West Michigan snow. Fixing a wet basement takes hard work, and a lot of specialized knowledge, skill, and equipment. We will identify what is causing your basement water problems and determine the best solution for your wet basement waterproofing needs.

Waterproof your basement from flooding and costly damages by treating your water problems inside your wet basement.

Proytect Your basement from leaks and floods!The basement is a valuable part of your home and is designed to be dry and usable space. Basements can be used as a finished recreation room, a workshop, or simply a safe storage area. But, once a leak occurs its usefulness and value is limited. There are permanent solutions available for all wet basement problems. If you suffer from a damp or wet basement, basement flooding issues, uncomfortable basement living area, or unpleasant odors, let one of our experts assess your specific problem and and fix your wet basement.


Fixing a wet basement problem may require the services of a professional. Besides interior waterproofing, a contractor may recommend Yard Drainage, Sump Pump Installation, and Downspouts and Sump Pump Line.

Interior Subsoil Drain System:
Designed to keep surface runoff away from the house, an Exterior Sub Soil Drain System consists of perforated pipe set in a deep trench and surrounded by gravel. To make the installation less visible, it is topped with a layer of soil, mulch, or decorative gravel. In the basement and under slab perimeter drain can be installed around the edge of the floor to make up for a missing or ineffective foundation drain.

Sump Pump:
This device sits in a heavy duty well receiving tank dug below the floor slab and discharges water collected from the drain tile. The pump should be serviced regularly in ensure reliability. A potential problem is a power outage during a storm, for which there should be a backup unit to keep the pump running.
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